John Schorsch is an experienced law enforcement office with recent experience as a sergeant with the Port of Seattle Police Department. He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and sociology from Washington State University. Since 2009, he has volunteered with Safe Call Now.

Based in Kirkland, Washington, Safe Call Now is a nonprofit organization committed to offering guidance to law enforcement officers and public safety professions who suffer from drug addiction, alcoholism, or other serious personal issues. Although the problem is rarely discussed, as many as 25% of all law enforcement officers struggle with a drug or alcohol problem. The stigma associated with these issues inhibits officers from seeking help. Safe Call Now was created to address this issue. 

By providing completely confidential services, Safe Call Now allows officers to confront their drug or alcohol problem without fear of personal or professional consequences. The organization’s services include self-assessment tests, crisis intervention, and referrals. Further information is available online at

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